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    “Cartman’s Passover Holiday Special. Starring… The Jewpacabra!!!!!”

    [watch Cartman’s holiday special here]

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    let’s jdate?

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    Dzi Croquettes, 1970s

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    My interpretation of Gustav Klimt’s painting - The Kiss.

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    1- David Lynch (Mechanical pencil on paper).

    2- Dianna Agron (Mechanical pencil on paper).

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    Nadav Kander
    Bodies. Six Women, One Man

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  14. I refuse to call myself a “fan” ever again.


    I’ve spent about one year as a devoted fan of one those promising beautiful starlets who came from one of my favorite tv shows (which is one of the most popular amongst teenagers and young adults - insiders will understand what I’m talking about).This experience was kind of Cole Sprouse-like; but, before you start a riot and run after me to cut my head off, I must make clear that it wasn’t intentional in a first moment - it all happened quite spontaneously. It all started when I created a FC account on Twitter, totally dedicated to this girl. My intention at first was trying to produce creative and funny jokes on the fact that this girl, according to a significant portion of her own fandom, is a closeted lesbian and a huge gay icon to her big crowd of teen fans - who use her as a sketch prompt 24/7. When I decided to create this FC, I was so addicted to this girl, so obsessed, that I couldn’t help talking about her even in my personal account - which was quite embarrassing because, um, none of my friends actually knew who I was talking about (so I was actually talking to myself about an actress I was obsessing with) since she’s from the cast of a teen TV show. And, the few ones who might actually realize who I was talking about would totally laugh on my face, for the same reasons previously cited. So I’ve created this FC, where I could obsess with the girl without being judged and make jokes and laugh and share opinions on the craziest conspiracy theories you could ever imagine, with other people who were obsessed as I am. Those people, they strongly consider themselves fans of this girl.

    Well, one of the first things I’ve realized at the moment I started following people on my fan account was that most of the users were also FCs dedicated to the girl herself, to the show she was famous for and the lesbian romantic pairings that involved her and her famous female co-star - in the show and in real life, which has a very passionate and large fanbase. So I was quite well ambiented amongst them, since my own account was coherent with their purpose. But another thing I’ve noticed is that another big amount of these account were personal; they had no intention - and no need - to hide their identities, since they were actually the show’s target audience. There is a good number of reasons why you could fall in love with this actress: she’s undeniably, breathtakingly gorgeous; she’s clever and eloquent above average compared to her peers, frequently involved in more artsy side projects, like photography, having an awesome taste in music, movies and books - her suggestions are always spot on; she’s polite, smiley and very sweet to people around her, being especially attentive to her fans whenever they come towards her. With these facts listed here, it gets easier to comprehend why people are so madly devoted to her. But of course devotion, when in excess, comes with its dark side attached to it.

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